More About Me


David has been
with CENTURY 21 since 2003, and has worked diligently to become one of the top
100 agents in the USA for the brand. He became an owner for the company
in 2012 and still continues to help Buyers and Sellers from around the world
with their real estate needs. Locally, he works with various charities
and businesses to help them be prosperous. He is recognized both locally
and nationally for his sales, but more importantly for his client reviews for
quality customer service.  When you hire David Dorman, you get David Dorman.  He does not work on a huge team, but rather works directly with his clients to ensure their success! As of 2023, David is the full owner and broker for the company.

As the slogan accurately states, “When You Hire David Dorman – You Get David Dorman”, but in getting David Dorman you also get the owner of the business, a licensed Broker, and a top notch, multi-award winning, board-certified Realtor who continues to take courses and attend seminars in order to maintain his competitive edge, on your behalf.

David Dorman continues to invest in the latest marketing technologies and continues to explore and implement ever changing strategies to keep up with the ever-changing times in which we now live. He is passionate about helping people like you navigate what is likely to be the single most important transaction of your life - buying or selling a home. 

Once you choose to take advantage of all that David Dorman has to offer what you will quickly come to realize is that he is fundamentally a good guy. David has built his organization, in part, by drawing upon world renowned Disney guest service standards which he acquired while working for the Mouse as a very young adult, where he quickly obtained a leadership position. Since that time David has earned a reputation for being both genuine and effective. He is smart in business, and tough when he needs to be tough, but always respectful of others. He is professional yet always friendly. David Dorman is cognizant of the fact that your time is no less valuable than his own. He prides himself on both his accessibility and his communication skills. David will get to know you. You will get to know David. And what you will come to know is perhaps his most important quality… he is an honest man. 

So, what are you waiting for? Why waste time looking elsewhere? You might be able to find a Realtor or two out there who is as knowledgeable as David Dorman, but you won’t find a better person! 

His top
priority is customer satisfaction and David always goes that extra mile to make
sure things are done correctly. You can always reach him by phone or